Who is Cathy Smith

Hi, I am Cathy Smith, an experienced web and graphic designer who has built 100’s of websites over the years and knows how crucial it is for you to get your business in front of the right audience who can become your customers. I am a happy, creative, slightly crazy, business owner of 16 years who is passionate about my family, friends, design and the environment.

I have seen many small business owners struggle with their websites either not getting the results they wanted in the design area or Google simply not listing them, ending up with a website that gathers dust and sinks into oblivion.  It is very frustrating for me to see all these aspiring entrepreneurs that I would like to help and up until now, have not had the opportunity.

Beautiful Websites for Small Business

BWSB is a great great opportunity to help small businesses have a platform that they can produce affordable, professional, beautifully designed business websites that Google will find that stay within their budget. It is always a great delight to see the resulting websites that these businesses owners produce to suit their own individual business needs.