Am I Good Enough?

Am I Good Enough?

matured businesswoman looking outsideOdd question to ask without context, yet we do it all the time.

Am I good enough:

  • To go to the Olympics?
  • To walk on the beach?
  • Write a song?
  • Bake a cake?
  • Be a great friend?

Are you good enough?

For the majority of questions, yes of course, you are good enough.

For the other questions, like going to the Olympics; you will know and it’s probably not a serious question you will ask yourself anyway. It’s the little questions, the worry that you are not good enough that you keep asking.

However, that is not really the question, is it?

Ask yourself why, are you asking it, in the first place and to whom, are you asking.

What are you feeling, and why do you feel the need to ask?

Limiting beliefs and self sabotage are nasty little tricks our brain brings out of the toolbox when we get out of our comfort zone.

Where Does This Come From?

Things are going great; everything is working well, and then suddenly, they are not.

I can self motivation - cutting the letter tAll these little things start happening, you are late for a meeting, you didn’t place the order in time, you forgot to pick up something on your way home etc. Nothing major, but put together, they start to add up. You start to wonder why you keep doing this and the more you worry the worse it gets.

You may be doubting yourself; can I still do this? The little voice in your head is chatting away and these conversations are not fit to be said out loud. Worries and negative thoughts start to become your constant reality, not just in a bad moment or on a bad day.


You are not broken; you can have success.

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