Are Limiting Beliefs Robbing You of Your Dreams?

Are Limiting Beliefs Robbing You of Your Dreams?

Black cat with green eyes resting on a grassI’m not, I can’t do. What stories are you telling yourself? Why can’t you do them? Are these things that you say over and over?

Are they facts, or are they a reality that you’re creating? Is it just a limiting belief are you letting it rule your life!

Create Your Own Reality

I am not a cat person. I’ve never personally owned a cat. I’ve had a few cats around. When I was younger, a feral cat decided to move into the farm that we lived on. I remember that cat. I have fond memories of it. Well, really, I remember it fondly. I don’t have that many actual memories of it. But it was around, but it wasn’t my cat. Ironically, years later, I ended up calling my business CATCO. And people say, “Oh, you must be the cat lady. It must be because you love cats.” Well, no, I do remember Sooty fondly, but I am definitely not a cat lady.

My children decided that they needed a cat. They went to the Cat Haven to get the cat and came back with two. What they told me was they were siblings.

What they didn’t tell me was there was actually four siblings, so one would have been perfect.

I used to say, I don’t fly well. I’m not a good flyer.
Until one day I decided that, Yes, I did fly well, I could fly.

Amazingly enough, since that day, I’ve only had one bad flight and it was a particulate turbulent flight. It was a really, really bad flight. Everybody had about flight, not just me. That came about because I’d had a really bad flight and I was waiting for a connection, and it had been delayed and people were walking up and down, and one particular lady came and talked to me.

And she said, “Oh, this is so bad, everything’s taking so long, I’m going to miss my connection. Everything shocking”. And she just kept going on and on and on.

Then she said to me, “How do you fly?” I said, I fly well, I’ve got no idea where that came from, because at the time I didn’t fly well. I made that choice, I stopped creating the reality of, I don’t fly well.

Your Mind is A Powerful Weapon

middle age woman speaking in front of group of business peopleWhat are you saying you can’t do?
I can’t do public speaking.
I can’t do video.

Well, if you’re telling yourself that, of course you can’t, and you never will. And then you’re trying to get evidence to put that you can’t do a video. Like this video for instance. The first shot, I wasn’t even looking at the camera. I changed my phone around to how I was shooting it.

So, I did this great audio, but I didn’t do a very good video. And as I’m trying to use this as this video, it has to have both. Sometimes you just have to take a breath and go, I can do it. I will do it one step at a time and start getting the evidence to show that you can do it.

Watch this space as my videos get better, because I can do video. I will do a video, and it’s all about the mindset. If you’re looking for a little bit of help in that direction, let’s have a chat.

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