Are You Feeling Like Life Is Moving Too Fast for You?

Are You Feeling Like Life Is Moving Too Fast for You?

older woman sitting in a sofa with a timid smileIf you’re feeling like life is passing you by, you’re not alone.

As children, everything seemed to last forever, as adults, it almost feels as though life is moving at the speed of light.

It can seem like you’re falling behind. Like your life is a blur. It can be scary to feel like this, but you need to remember you can take control.

There are ways to ‘slow down time’ and make the most of your life again.  Would you like to have some control?

Make “Einstein Time” where time can move slower for you. Have the time move more slowly when you need it to and speed up at other times. We have all experienced this phenomena at one time or another, so let’s see what we can intentionally make happen with your time!

Practise Mindfulness

Have you noticed yourself losing time in the day from:

• Daydreaming?
• Thinking negative thoughts?
• Struggling to pay attention?
• Judging yourself or others?

This can be from not being mindful of yourself or your surroundings. Mindfulness helps to focus your mind on what you are sensing or feeling in the moment. It can reduce stress or anxiety and helps to regulate your emotions.

A great way to start incorporating mindfulness is the next time you eat your favourite food, take the time to enjoy it by taking note of it’s appearance, the aroma, and arrrrrrh the taste.

Take Control of Your Own Time

woman holding a cup of coffeeIt’s extremely common to spend most of your time, being busy. Doing things you don’t find joyful. You’re caught playing roles in other people’s lives, so much that you can’t stop to live your own. 

When was the last time you did something for you, for yourself?

No, not someone else, or because they wanted you to.

Something you actually, wanted to do for you.

Do you remember what that is like?

Making sure to take time for yourself is important. When you’re choosing what you want to do, you know you’re spending your life how you want.

Change Your Routine

When you’re stuck doing the same thing day in and day out, it can contribute to you feeling like life is moving too quickly.

When you’re having the same experiences each day, observing the same surroundings – your brain becomes bored. A bored brain is never good, as it needs to be energised by learning new information and seeing new things.

An active brain is a brain that soaks up new information – helping you to appreciate and savour your time in life.

With this advice, you can be well on your way to living life to it’s fullest, experiencing everything it throws at you, at your own pace!

Still struggling to find the time?

Feeling like life is moving too fast?

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