Are You Self Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Are You Self Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Business teamwork success conceptDo you really want to succeed?

Before you immediately say, “Yes of course”, think about it.

What is stopping you?

For most people, the only thing stopping them from being wildly successful, as successful as they would like is  . . .


What is stopping you, You!

Now before you go get all indignant and stop reading, think about it.

Are You Self Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Often you can sabotage your own success, without even realizing it, and certainly not intentionally.

Subconsciously you end up damaging or interrupting your success before you have seen any reward.
It may seem easier to allow yourself to fail, rather than putting in the work that’s needed to succeed and achieve your dreams. Other times we are scared of what success will mean, even if it is on an unseen subconscious level.

  • All rich people are mean?
  • Successful CEOs have no time for their families?
  • You can’t be a good Mum and have a successful business?
  • You can’t have it all?
  • People like “you” have to work hard?

Ever said or heard any of these?

Think about the ones you tell yourself.

Why Do You Self Sabotage?

Middle age woman looking worriedThe underlying causes of self sabotage are many.

Could it be imposter syndrome? You get a promotion at work, but you don’t feel you deserve it. You get awards for the work you’re doing, but you feel as though you’re a fraud.

Could it be confidence?
Who is this person doing all this work and becoming highly successful?

Could it be fear?

There is a fear that somehow, you won’t be able to live up to your own expectations or the ones others place on you.

Because of this, you may end up preventing your success before it happens.

What Are Your Self Sabotaging Habits?

Most of the time, people who self sabotage will find themselves repeating the same habits.

Success almost happens . . .

But then

These could be habits that seem perfectly normal to you now, but when you look at them from the outside or from a different perspective, you’ll see that you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Do you:

• expect life changes to just happen for you, without actually putting the time or mental work in to making them happen?
• notice the warning signs that you need to rest but choose to ignore them?
• procrastinate at work, leaving the most important tasks to be done at the last minute?

These are all habits that can cause self sabotaging. If any of these stood out to you as something you do yourself, then it’s time to stop, take a step back and work through how to manage these habits.

How Can You Overcome Self Sabotaging Behaviours?

front view of older woman writing down while having coffeeThe very first step to take to overcome your self sabotaging habits, are to address them.

Write down the things that you do that influence your success.

For example.

If you go through your list of habits and discover that the reason for your self sabotage is negative thoughts, isn’t it time to change them?

Whenever someone says something that you don’t agree with, take a breath and calmy think about what you want to say. Change the negative into a positive.

Are you talking to yourself in a negative way?

With each habit, it’s more beneficial to work on improving them rather than just trying to stop doing them all together. It’s far easier to train yourself to change how to react to something, as opposed to not reacting at all.

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