Asking The Right Questions To Create The Most Impact

Asking The Right Questions To Create The Most Impact

woman with clueless and unaware expressionIf you say it is or is not then you are always right.

We get to decide what we think!

Our minds are truly one of our most valuable assets. It is how we create thoughts, how we perceive emotions, see the world, make decisions and how we ask compelling questions.

Questions are how we as humans find meaning, discover solutions, and change our perspective on things in life.

Have you ever noticed when you do something embarrassing, your brain tends to replay it over in your mind again and again?

This is because replaying positive and negative events is something our mind LOVES. They loop around and around until they are placed in our long term memory, our subconscious mind. These memories often help as the foundation of our choices.

So how does our mind determine that a memory is positive or negative?

It asks questions.
Powerful questions!

Powerful questions can help us to see things differently. They help us to create new patterns in the design of our minds. This is how the more you solve a problem or find a solution the easier it becomes.

“Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.” – Robert Half

Here are some impactful questions to ask yourself, to open up your mind and explore endless possibilities.

• Am I using my time wisely?
• What do I want out of life?
• How can I achieve it?
• What am I grateful for?
• Am I living my life true to myself?

Woman with a sign in the face with a question markWhen you ask these questions, take the time to actually listen to the answers being said.

They are also good conversation starters to ask others  – just pick 1, this is not an interrogation.

Listen to the words instead of just waiting for your turn to talk.

Get into the habit of asking yourself a powerful question at least once a week. Keep it in a journal, so you can go back and reflect on them in the future. Challenge those inner thoughts and embrace curiosity to ensure a successful future.

Unsure how to start asking those questions?

It sounds like coaching could benefit you.

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