Believing in Yourself Can Make a Difference

Believing in Yourself Can Make a Difference

getting ready for the raceCan believing in yourself really make a difference?


Have you heard the story of Roger Bannister? He was a runner in the 1952 Olympics for England that earned fourth place in the 1500m final. Deflated by the fact that he didn’t win, Roger spent two months wondering if he should give up on running altogether. Instead, he decided to set himself a new goal: to be the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

This seemed impossible! Roger wasn’t sure if he could do it.

In his first attempt, Roger’s time was 4:03.6: not a victory, but certainly a start! Rather than grow disheartened, this close shave made Roger believe that he could beat the record after all.

Believing in Yourself Matters

Then, on the 6th of May 1954, Roger Bannister prepared for his run. He was still nervous! The wind made him worry that he would not succeed! But the wind died down just as the race was about to start and off they went!

Roger Bannister believed in himself. He had a coach and a team of supporters to help and cheer him on.

The announcement came, they held their breath…
3 minutes and 59.4 seconds!

Amazing, Roger had done it!

Roger BannisterThis was not only a huge moment for Roger but also everyone who watched and supported him, because he had paved the way to even bigger beliefs! Today, there are around 1490 people who have also broken this record and achieved amazing things. When you believe in yourself, you can make a difference.

Your beliefs are powerful

What’s next for you?
The dream that you have, the one that is almost too scary to say out loud.
What if you too could achieve it?

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