Can Your Coach Help You Be At Your Best?

Can Your Coach Help You Be At Your Best?

supercarsThe noise, the smell, the excitement of the crowd; Wanneroo raceway here in Perth is tight and tricky; 2.6km long with 7 corners. I spent the weekend at Supercars, it is an amazing atmosphere being trackside.

 Australian supercars is the touring car class. This year the sport has a new type of car, a Gen 3.

“To ensure the new cars act more like road cars, Supercars are aiming to reduce downforce by more than 65 per cent. This will also place more weight on a driver’s skill and lead to more overtaking opportunities.” Suparcar Australia says.

No one had raced on this track with the Gen 3 cars before. There were some star performances, some clever passing, a few spills and 1 nasty accident. Fortunately, everyone was ok.

The commentators, who are all ex-racecar drivers, explained how different this new style of car is. You have to break earlier, and it takes longer to get up to speed. They were also talking about how driving this circuit and many others is a lot about practice and muscle memory. Because these cars now drive so differently, they said you have to forget a lot of what you had done here on this circuit before and relearn it. It was not surprising to see that the younger drivers were the ones that were doing the best.

Do You Need to Learn New Techniques?

supercars showdownOne seasoned driver qualified 21st, the worst he had qualified for 14 years. One of the younger drivers qualified in pole, 1st on the grid; for only the 2nd time in his career and went on to win the race.

Are the younger drivers doing better because they are more adaptable or have less to unlearn? What skills or techniques are you hanging on to, that no longer serve you? What do you need to unlearn?

“What got you here, will not get you there”. We hear this saying all the time.

Is it time to get a coach so that you can have your best life and adapt to current conditions rather than trying to do the old things better?

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