How To Declutter Your Mind And Allow Room For Mindfulness

How To Declutter Your Mind And Allow Room For Mindfulness

decluttering your mind

  • Do you sometimes wish there was a restart button for your mind?
  • Are you feeling like your brain is constantly on the verge of overloading?
  • Do you struggle with a million things running through your mind and you can’t focus?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions – it sounds like it’s time to start decluttering your mind.

Just like our homes, our minds need decluttering from time to time. You could think of it as sort of a Spring cleaning for your brain. Decluttering your mind works as a stepping stone towards the path of mindfulness, allowing you to be completely present in the moment and aware of your surroundings.

Here are my top 3 tips for decluttering your mind to make room for mindfulness.

Journaling Your Thoughts Each Day

Journaling is a great way to clear those unnecessary thoughts each day. Those thoughts that are being thrown around your mind, making it impossible to focus, write them down. When you write them in your journal, think of it as they are leaving your mind and staying on the page. When you’re done – close the journal and leave those thoughts inside the book.

Remember to do a whole brain dump. Don’t think just write. Write down everything that is on/in your mind.

You could practice this by hand, or on your phone or computer. There are some great apps out there, that allow you to journal freely. My personal favourite is writing with a fancy pen in a beautiful journal that I keep by my bedside.

Declutter Your Home

declutter your homeYes, I know I’m talking about the mind – but tidying up your home and living area is a great way to clear up some space in your mind.

Do you find that when you have a clean home you feel more relaxed?

I find it much easier to sit down and relax, when I know my home is clean and tidy. This doesn’t mean you have to go and deep clean your entire house. Even cleaning the room you’re in, or a desk you need to work on can have significant effects on the mind.

Try this out today! Look around you – is there an area of your home that needs some attention?

Immerse Yourself Into Nature

Mixing up the environment you’re in can create a wonderful opportunity to clarify and clear your mind. You could do this by going for a walk outside for just 5 minutes when you’re feeling overcome by the clutter. Take in the fresh air and truly look at your surroundings.

Immersing yourself into natureGetting some fresh air and sunshine can do amazing things for you mind and health. Try to take some time and just be. No phone, no podcasts or audio books. Just be. The beach or forest is a great place to take some time out. Don’t overcomplicate it. Go to the local park or just you own garden.

STOP, Breathe!

Do you feel that?

That’s the feeling of you and your mind beginning to be at peace with one another.

So give that brain a good deep cleaning – and start your journey towards mindfulness. Need help? Book a free discovery call with me today and let’s chat.