Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

beach wavesI almost didn’t.make it!
Waves were rough,
back wash was strong,
gash on my leg.
Dog racing up and down the deserted beach crying, barking, trying to attract action..

Where did your mind go?
What gaps did you fill?

Ok let’s lower the drama.
I almost didn’t make it to the beach yesterday.
Not because of something sinister but because I was  busy.

The gash was more like a scratch.
Beach wasn’t totally deserted there were a few people around.

The waves had a bit of afternoon chop and as it is heading for a high tide plenty of water. Dog was hungry and wanted to go home for dinner.

Your Emotions Might Not Serving You

emoticons on wooden blockWhat story or drama are you creating for yourself? When you step back, take a breathe and lower you heart rate; is it the same story?

Coaching can help you work through the stories that your brain is trying to create for you.

Are they serving you? Read my article from last week (available on my website) to find out.

If you need some help with understanding your emotions and how to recognise those emotions that are not serving you, Pm Me and let’s have a chat.