Fishing and Marketing

Fishing and Marketing

Men fishingMy husband is a keen fisherman. His love of fishing started very early, spending time with his grandfather at the river and the beach learning all about how the fish behave and how they like to live. Granddad Pop was a product of the great depression so although he didn’t believe in catch and release, he was a great advocate for only taking what you need.

His lessons included the correct bait to use, going at the optimum time, making sure you have the right tackle for the species of fish you were going to target, knowing what type of fish were in your local area and their habits. He spent many hours showing my husband the ropes and skilling him in all things fishing. These skills have served my husband well and he is often able to catch fish when many others do not.

We were walking on the beach one day and saw some people fishing off the sand a little way ahead. “They won’t be catching any fish,” my husband said.

My husband struck up a conversation with them.
“How is the fishing going?”
“We were doing alright when we first got here but not so good now,” they said.
They chatted about the bait and conditions for a bit and then we continued on our walk.

“How did you know they weren’t catching anything?” I asked.
“They are casting too far out. They are completely missing where the fish are!”
When we came back from our walk the fishermen were still there. As we approached my husband spotted a “Bait ball”. Where the baitfish are being herded into a circle by bigger fish.
“See the bait ball, cast closer to the shore, in that gutter,” he said pointing, as we walked past.

The fisherman cast his line right into the middle of the baitfish and within seconds he had caught a fish. Quickly he re-baited and cast again, once again he quickly caught another fish.

Marketing is a Lot Like Fishing

Two person sitting, talking to each otherYou need to know where your audience is, who your ideal people are and what type of “bait” serves them best.

Unfortunately, most business owners and coaches, market like our fishing friends, all over the place and often overshooting where their market is.

When you use the wrong bait and fish in the wrong areas, you waste your time and money. Marketing is just the same, you often spend too much money in all the wrong areas which is why most people think marketing is too hard and too expensive.

Laying the groundwork to attract your ideal audience requires intention and precision, just like a seasoned fisherman who studies the water and understands the habits of the fish. You need to delve deep into understanding your audience’s preferences, behaviours, and needs.

Craft your message specifically for them, ensuring it resonates and offers genuine solutions to their challenges. By being strategic, focusing on your target, and using the right tools, you’ll not only save on resources but also reel in the audience that truly values what you offer. Remember, it’s not about casting the widest net, but about ensuring every catch aligns with your vision and purpose.

When it comes to the activity of reaching out in your marketing, contact Cathy today and let’s talk about how you can “catch” your ideal audience. Happy fishing!