Going Back to My First Love – Marketing

Going Back to My First Love – Marketing

Cathy SmithAs a transition coach, I have been working in the space of change. In fact, my life has been full of change. From going on a holiday at 6 years old, then finding out I was going to move states, to a trip at 20 years old that saw me move back. Then a 3 month holiday that turned into 15 years, married with 2 children (but that is a story for another day).

Transitioning is about adapting to change; some do it well and others not so well.

Today I am making the ultimate pivot and taking my coaching practice back to my first love – marketing.

Marketing is what I know and love. Originally when I did my coaching qualifications, a marketing coach was the area I planned on working in. Like a rebellious teenager, I had to explore other areas of coaching before coming back home to marketing.

Cathy Smith Coaching will now be helping newly certified coaches convert their passion into a business. As coaches, we are taught to coach, not how to run the business of coaching. I am seeing newly qualified coaches becoming disheartened when they are not able to find clients to help because of a lack of business and marketing skills.

If you are or know of a coach who is struggling to make a living go to Cathy Smith website for more information to turn your passion into a real business.