How Can I Build My Self-Confidence?

How Can I Build My Self-Confidence?

Woman drinking coffee beside the window Being able to trust your self is everything.

If your self-confidence is low, then your whole life can feel like it is sliding down a slippery slope. Self-confidence is a way of thinking. It’s when you have belief in yourself and your capabilities. You have a positive opinion of yourself.

Like any thought, you get to choose what you think. You can choose to grow your self-confidence and have better thoughts, more positive thoughts or not.

Often willpower is not enough.

Pushing against the same brick wall day after day will result in a sore head. When you step back and turn to the side you might see that there is a gap in the wall a bit further down.

Often, we can’t see any other opportunities or ways to do thinks when we are so fixated on the current situation. Have you ever lost the jar of jam in the cupboard, to have someone else come up and say there it is, right where you just spent 10 minutes looking.

Low Self Confidence

Having low self-confidence doesn’t mean that you are broken, that you need fixing or that you are less than.

When you have low self-confidence, you may:

• feel doubtful of yourself
• have difficulty trusting others
• struggle with social anxiety
• think negative thoughts about yourself

While it’s normal to feel less confident in some situations, if you feel like self-confidence is out of reach, it’s time to start doing something about it. You are capable of breaking this habit!

First Step

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step. Yes, you didn’t even realise it, did you?

By recognising that your self confidence is low, you can now take some steps to rebuilding your confidence and gaining some much needed motivation.

Purge Those Negative Thoughts

By recognising those negative inner thoughts you have the ability to change them. This will take some practice, but the next time you catch yourself talking like that, – pause!

Take a moment to think about what you just thought or said about yourself.

Would you say that to your sister? Your friends? Your children? Your answer is most likely no, so why are you saying it to yourself?

Turn those negative thoughts into positive ones! Like the thoughts that you have about the people you love.

Journal It!

Writing in a journalJournal writing might be a great aid here.

Do a brain dump.

Write down everything that you are thinking. Just write don’t over think it just write. You can sort them out later.

Once you have written all your thoughts down, circle the negative ones.

Bring On the Positive Thinking

Positive thinking helps to reduce stress, and anxiety. It can boost your self-confidence and is a great habit to start. If this is something you aren’t used to, it will take some time to implement.

From your list of negative thoughts, think about how can you change them to be more positive.

  • I can’t do this – I have done this before
  • Nobody will love me – I am totally lovable – I am loved
  • This job is not for me – I will be a fabulous employee
  • I am not sure I can . . . . – Of course I can do . . . .

You have got this. 😊

Even if you can change a few negative thoughts a day, imagine the difference that will make.

Think About What Makes You Unique

While you might not realise it now – you are uniquely you, and that is a good thing!

Focus on what makes you YOU and find the positives in that. No one else is like you!
“You are the only being exactly like you who will ever grace this earth. That makes you extraordinary.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Willpower may be overtaken with won’t power.

Sometimes your operating system needs a clean or reboot. If you struggling to practice positive inner thoughts, a professionally trained coach can give you some tips and tools that you can use to boost your self-confidence?

Book a free discovery call at Cathy Smith Coaching  and let’s see how small but powerful techniques can turn your life around, and allow you to achieve those dreams that you are not even daring to dream.