How Can Transition Coaching Benefit Me?

How Can Transition Coaching Benefit Me?

two women talkingTransition coaching is a type of coaching that guides you when you are going through a period of change. If you are feeling a little lost, frustrated or you are not sure where to go next, transition coaching can help to assist you through this. A great coaching relationship can help you to get unstuck and achieve the successes in your life that you haven’t even dared to dream of.

  • Learn to Think and Manage Your Situation
  • Do I Need a Transition Coach?
  • How Do I Find the Right Transition Coach for Me?

Learn to Think and Manage Your Situation

Transition coaches help you to think differently about a situation and assist in helping you find your own answers.

It is very hard to see the forest from the trees. If you are standing at the bottom of a huge tree looking up all you can see if that tree not all the other possibilities that are out there for you.

My very first coaching client said, “You have taught me how to think and trust my instincts.”

That is one of the most powerful gifts you can receive and often life changing for many people. I was blown away at the difference that coaching had made especially after having had many different coaches before starting our coaching sessions.

Do I Need a Transition Coach?

woman thinking about somethingYou are not broken and do not need fixing – just some help in moving forward.

Investing in your own growth as a person is important but figuring out if coaching works for you will be a personal decision. Transition coaches often offer free 15-minute discovery calls to help you make your decision, and they can offer information that will help you make an informed choice. Remember that you have got this and that a transition coach is here to guide you, not give you the answers.

How Do I Find the Right Transition Coach for Me?

There are many different types of coaches doing different types of coaching.

Coaching is a very personal thing and whether you ‘click’ with your coach will be an important factor in choosing the right transition coach. A relationship with mutual trust and respect helps to create an environment of growth and nurturing for you.

If you have had a bad experience with a coach before, it is probably that there was not a values match. It is important to get a coach and style that suits you and your needs.

How Can Transition Coaching Benefit Me?

With guidance and the willingness to be open to the possibilities, you can achieve your very own results too. Reach out and let’s see if Cathy Smith Coaching can help you in your journey.