How Does Coaching Serve You?

How Does Coaching Serve You?

two women talkingHow does that serve you is a common coaching question that is asked. You can even ask yourself, when you are deciding on what action to take.

How does that serve you? 

When you hear that question, where does your mind go? Is it a positive response or not?

Stop for a minute and think about it as neutral..

Will the decision, action, task change things, add value or take you down a rabbit hole that you don’t need to explore. Look at the situation as neutrally as possible, write out the pros and cons. Try to stick to the facts and put the emotion on hold for a moment.

Separating out the decision from the emotion can be really hard; especially on decisions where you have to change course and reverse an action that you have been doing for days, weeks, even years. By looking at the big picture, the end goal this can often help.

smiling womanHow will it take you closer to your main goal?

It won’t!
It will but . . .
No buts.

Buts are reversing the previous statement.

Sometimes writing it down, letting it sit and then coming back later, can help.remove some of the emotion.

Decisions that carry a lot of emotions can be hard, even small ones. Coaching can be a great way to help you look objectively at the decision, you would like to make.

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