How To Find The Right Life Coach For You

How To Find The Right Life Coach For You

two women talking to each otherYou’ve decided you would like to get a life coach.

Well done!

You’ve taken the first step in your journey towards reaching your maximum potential! You’re 1 step closer to achieving your goals than you were yesterday!

You probably have a few questions, that you’re asking yourself.

• How do you know which coach is the right one for you?
• How do you know who you will work best with, to help you reach your goals?

In a world where nearly everyone is available at the touch of a button, it can become extremely overwhelming with the number of coaches available. Deciding which one is the most compatible with you can be quite a challenge.  

What are you looking to get out of coaching?

This is the first question to ask yourself once you have decided you want a life coach.

What are you looking to achieve from life coaching?

Many life coaches will have their own niche that they cater to.

At Cathy Smith Coaching, I cater to women in transition and empty nesters.

A woman who is going through a major change in her life; like a divorce, having a career change forced upon her, wanting a career change or her children leaving home.

Ask your potential coach about their coaching style

hands raised to ask questionsThere are so many different types of life coaches – so finding one that aligns with the goals you want to achieve is essential. Some have sessions that are more structured, while others are a bit more open.

Ask the life coach questions to see if you like their style. Read and ask for testimonials from their past clients. If you have tried coaching before and it hasn’t worked, it is not because you are broken, it was probably just a misalignment with that coach and yourself.

Book a free discovery call

Many life coaches will offer a FREE discovery call, so that you can work out if you are a good fit for each other! Here you can ask them any questions you might have and get to know what kind of coach they are. Use this to your advantage!

Book the call, have a chat with them and who knows – maybe you’ll find the perfect life coach for you!

Here at Cathy Smith Coaching, I also offer a FREE discovery call. If you’re thinking about getting a life coach and want to know if we would be a good fit. Book a call now and let’s have a chat to see if we are the right coaching match!