How to Welcome Change into Your Life

How to Welcome Change into Your Life

a woman walking at the crossroadChange is something that happens constantly whether we like it or not. Changes that you make by choice, are very different from the changes that happen outside of your sphere of influence. Change that happens to you can be hard to adjust to in a way that helps you instead of hindering you.

Do you need more inspiration, confidence, and guidance to help you make changes to your life?

Now it is your time to step into your change, on your terms.

Are You Being or Becoming?

Around 500BC a man named Heraclitus suggested that ‘all things are becoming.’ He suggested that because everything is changing, we are constantly in transition. Some time later, another man named Parmenides suggested the opposite – that nothing changes because everything is continuous. This discussion continued for a very long time and continues now – are we being, or becoming? Does it matter?

What Do You Want to Change?

When making intentional changes to your life, you need to decide what you want before you start making actions to achieve them.

What is it that you really want?

Keep it simple at first, maybe you want more

  • freedom
  • wealth
  • confidence in yourself or your abilities.

Once you’ve decided, you can start planning a clear strategy to getting what you want. Some women in transition who want these things will start their own business, and others will find a hobby that changes their life. Some will hire help at home, so they have space to follow their own dreams!

What will help you change in a way that enriches your life?

Prepare for Changes and Adjust Accordingly

happy and elegant woman holding a cupWhat do you need to do to prepare yourself for change, other than planning?

If you want to change your life or situation, then you must start thinking about the things that you will need.

If you want to become an accountant, you need to do the required subjects at school. Then get the marks and apply for a position in the university to do your degree. Change is no different you need to take the steps.

Is there anything you can set up that you will need for your new life after these changes?

Get Started!

Dress for success!

No matter what changes you face, acting as if your new changes have happened can help your transition become smoother. If you want to become a successful business women and show up to an interview in sloppy clothing no one will ever believe you can do it. What do you need to do /feel /act to start the process of change?

Remember to nurture yourself through this time.

Now it’s time to get started! You have got this.

How to Welcome Change into Your Life

Create your life’s menu on your own terms with the guidance, confidence, and inspiration to get started. If you’re hoping to make changes to get back to loving life and being truly happy, let’s have a chat and see if working together is the first step on your path of change.