Impostor Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Impostor Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Impostor Syndrome is a buzzword that seems to come up more and more.

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor SyndromeThe text book definition is that imposter syndrome is a psychological occurrence in which you doubt your own:

  • skills
  • talents
  • accomplishments
  • abilities
  • consistently feel like a fraud
  • or that you will be exposed as less than adequate.

Is it real?


Are you really an impostor if you are doing your best to help yourself and the people around you? No!

Women who suffer from impostor syndrome will often feel like they are ‘not good enough’ or ‘deserving’ of good things in life. That doesn’t sound very fair – does it!

Do I Have Impostor Syndrome?

Do you have impostor syndrome?

Do you ever feel like you:

  1. Aren’t good enough
  2. Don’t know enough
  3. Aren’t experienced enough to achieve the goals that you really want to achieve?

Often women with impostor syndrome will shy away when people ask what they do or are qualified to do, or what they want to do with their lives.

I used to have impostor syndrome – not anymore!

How Can I Cure Impostor Syndrome?

Give yourself some credit.

Rather than ‘fake it til you make it,’ think about ‘grow into where you want to be.’

You may not be a brain surgeon but there is only 1 you! Being your authentic self really makes a difference and you cannot be an impostor if you are being yourself, because that is you. Like Marie Forleo says, “The world needs the special gift that only you have.”

Don’t wait until you are perfect – just start!

You might be surprised with how much of a positive effect your imperfect work will have.

Act as if – if you want to have a higher paid position – uplevel your wardrobe. Look and act the part. Would you promote someone who looks like they should already be doing that job?

Growing Your Confidence

You are NOT an impostor, so get out there and do your stuff.

As you keep moving forward and doing your stuff, your confidence will grow, and you will be able to achieve so much more. Remember that we are always harsher on ourselves than anyone else will be. Go out there and interact with the world, your community, the people you want to connect with.

Be authentic.

Be you and go for it!

Combat Impostor Syndrome with Cathy Smith Coaching.

Even if your impostor syndrome is not cured today, you can still get started on what you want to do.

Give yourself time and grow along the way.

Coaching can really help you identify your blocks, the things that are holding you back from achieve the greatness that you have to contribute to the world.

Start by reaching out the let’s see how far we can go together.