Why is Sales a Dirty Word?

Why is Sales a Dirty Word?

business meetingIf sales means feeding your family?
If sales means not having to go back to corporate?
If sales means choices to do good in the world?
Why is sales a dirty word?

Sales has gained a bit of a bad reputation over the years. Many coaches, passionate about helping people grow, feel uncomfortable embracing the sales aspect of their business. They associate sales with pushiness, insincerity, or even manipulation. However, without sales you can not have a successful, profitable business.

It’s About Relationships, Not Transactions

Sales isn’t about convincing someone to part with their money for something they don’t need. In the context of coaching, it’s about establishing a relationship. You offer a service that helps people better their lives. Think about it this way. Every sale you make helps someone else move closer to their personal or professional goals.

Sales Fuels Passion and Purpose

If you are in the coaching field, chances are, you are driven by a desire to help others. So the more sales you make, the more people you can help. Sales is what will fuel your mission and allow you to keep doing what you love.

Making Sales Means Making Choices

Having a robust sales strategy opens doors. It allows you to invest back into your business, be it through further training, better resources, or even hiring staff to expand your services. Financial stability gives you the freedom to choose who you want to work with, what projects you wish to tackle, and how you can contribute positively to the world.

Break the Stigma

sucess on tiles with thumbs up signIt is time we break the stigma attached to sales, especially within the coaching industry. Transforming the way we perceive sales can allow us to approach it not as a necessary evil, but as a potent tool for change; both for ourselves and the people we seek to help. Let’s discard the notion that sales is a dirty word and start viewing it for what it really is: an enabler of dreams, ambitions, and meaningful impact.

Start Your Sales Journey Today

At Cathy Smith Coaching, we understand the nuances of merging coaching skills with business knowledge. It’s not an easy path, but it’s certainly a rewarding one. If you are ready to turn your coaching passion into a profitable business, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Give Cathy a call today and let’s transform that dirty word into a success story. Are you ready?