Make “Me” Time Your Priority

Make “Me” Time Your Priority

Closeup of a support handsJanine was a nurse in a very busy medical clinic. She was passing by the front counter when she overheard an elderly woman explaining to the receptionist that she was in a hurry because she had another very important appointment in twenty minutes.
“I’m sorry,” the receptionist said. “We’re very busy; the doctor isn’t available yet.”
Janine looked at the clock and realised it would be at least an hour before a doctor could attend to her. “I can help,” she said. “Come right this way.”
“Thank you so much,” the elderly woman said.
“I’m Anne. I just wanted to get some stitches removed from my thumb.”
Janine sat her down and performed the usual checkups.
“I see,” Janine said, “and I will be right back”.
She got up to talk with one of the doctors and quickly confirmed that she could handle the stitches. The doctor agreed.
Taking the supplies, Janine returned to the room she had led Anne to.
When she got there, she noticed Anne was staring at the clock on the wall.
“May I ask what this appointment you are in such a hurry for is?” Janine asked as she removed the stitches and redressed the wound.
“I have to go to the nursing home,” Anne said. “My husband will be having his breakfast in fifteen minutes, and we always eat together every single morning.”
“That’s very nice,” Janine said. “Do you think he will be upset if you are late?”
“No”, Anne said quietly.
“He has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know who I am anymore”.
“So why do you still go and are so concerned about being on time to see him every morning?”
Anne smiled. “He doesn’t know me, but I still know him.”

Cheerful middle aged woman with curly hairAre you looking after your own needs as well as others?

Having respect for yourself means taking care of you.
We often spend so much time looking after and thinking about others that there is very little time or energy left for ourselves.

What are you doing for your “Me” time?
Look at your hobbies, your goals, and your dreams.
How are you making steps to achieve the life that you really want?
What can you do to make yourself truly happy?

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Yes, you are worth it, and it can be amazing the big shifts that coaching can achieve for you.

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