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Unlock Your Coaching Business Potential with Cathy Smith's 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching

Are You a Certified Coach Struggling to Turn Your Passion into Profit?

You’ve got the coaching certificate, the expertise, and the passion to make a meaningful impact. You’ve honed your coaching skills but turning it into a successful business remains a puzzle you are yet to solve. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many talented coaches find themselves stuck in the same situation, simply because coaching skills and business skills are 2 very different things.

1-on-1 Marketing Coaching

Cathy Smith Coaching brings you an exclusive 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching program tailored for coaches like you, who are eager to transform their coaching practice into a profitable business.

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The road to a profitable coaching business is challenging, yet immensely rewarding. Let Cathy Smith guide you through the labyrinth, optimising your practice and maximising your income.

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