Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

two women whisperingMind your own business. Yes, seriously? Mind your own business. Whether that be your actual business, your employment, or your mind, if you’re not watching it, then who is?

If you are not watching what you’re doing, then you might end up face planting in the snow. I recently heard of somebody who was so busy watching what everybody else was doing on the snow that they face planted. That’s what we do ourselves. We are so busy looking around and seeing what everybody else is doing, we forget to look after ourselves and watch what we’re doing.

Stop trying to compare your chapter 1, 2 or 3, to somebody else’s Chapter 20. You don’t know what it took for them to get there. You don’t know what’s behind those pages and you don’t know what they’re thinking in their mind.

Take Responsibility for YOU

Make sure you’re worrying about your own stuff, working out how you can be successful. How you can make this life be the best life for you. And making a little bit easier.

2023 is the year of the Black Rabbit, which means it’s going to be much calmer and easier. Look it up in a Chinese astrology if you’re interested.

Remember to learn from your lessons and learn from other people’s lessons too. It’s quite okay to watch what other people are doing, as long as it’s not to the detriment of your own journey. Sometimes it can even help shortcut your journey.

Woman sitting relaxed in a yoga room looking out a windowRemember to take care of you, take care of your personal development.

Personal development is important, but not when you’re spending all that time just learning. Not implementing. Not watching what you need to be doing.

Minding Your Own Business is a Practice

Training and coaching is very, very important. Making sure you’re looking after yourself is critical. But if you’re spending all that time just learning, just watching, just seeing what everybody else is doing and never implementing. Is that a good use of your time?

Mind your own business, mind your own mind, do some experimenting, but make sure that you are looking after yourself and doing it the best for yourself. If you need any help, you know where to find me, Cathy Smith Coaching, and give me a call.

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