More is Often Not Better

More is Often Not Better

A person with question marksDo you want more?
Are you always looking for more?

We are trained to think that more is better. Well, more is often not always better.

Are you pushing too hard?
Are you trying to get there quicker, faster, harder?

Having more can be overwhelming?

Too many choices can paralyse decision-making.

More Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Are you hustling?

I hate the word hustle. Are you striving for more?

I was writing an article on Monday, what should the topic be? I thought about the trip that I had taken to the beach the day before.

In my head, I had written about 300 words. I had this huge big article, but in the end, what I did was, I cut it down and made it really short.

I almost didn’t make it.
The waves were really rough;
the dog was running up and down on the beach, deserted beach.
I had a gash on my leg.

It sounds a bit exciting, doesn’t it?

Well, if you want to know what actually happened, go to my blog and check it out. It wasn’t a 300-word essay that I had originally started. It wasn’t all that guff that I was going to put on.

Sometimes we think… Or overthink it. We want to put so much stuff in to tell people. We want it to be perfect.

Most of the time, they don’t need it. They just need you, and they need you to be authentic.

Are you overdoing it?

Are you trying to do too much? More can be better.

Having More Depends on What You Do With It

Happy family in nature full shotSometimes more can be better but not always. More money is a good thing in a lot of cases; you can do more with it, more good stuff, but at what expense? If that more money is burning you out, making you suffer, making life miserable, then it’s definitely not worth it.

More time is also great, but if that’s more time that you spend binging on Netflix, watching things you shouldn’t be doing, or scrolling on social media, maybe that’s not a good thing either.

If more time gives you time with your family, then that’s a much better use of your time. So more doesn’t always have to be the be-all and end-all. Sometimes more can actually be less, and less is so much better in a lot of cases.

So think about what you’re doing.

Are you pushing too hard?

Are you stressing yourself?

Are you sabotaging yourself and not putting it out there because you don’t think it’s enough. You don’t think you’ve done more. You don’t think it’s perfect?

Having Less Can Be the Perfect Answer.

B-plus work will do so much better for people than A-plus work in most cases. If you’re waiting for that A-plus, you may not put it out there. If it’s not perfect, you’re not going to do it. So if you put your B-plus work out there, you get some feedback, then you can tweak it, that can quite often be so much better. It can also be better for your stress levels too. Trying to push through and get more can prevent you some putting your work out into the world. You’re just to put it out there. Doing nothing is not helping anyone.

More is Often Not Better

If are you that perfectionist that can’t do anything?

Are you overdoing it?

Are you re-working stuff just because it needs to be more?

Or is it a limiting belief, you can’t put it out there because it does need to be more. More is not always better. 

If you’d like to discuss anything about more or limiting beliefs or other things you’re having, call me.

Prefer to listen check out my video on – More is Often Not Better.