Prejudice Prevents You From Being Successful

Prejudice Prevents You From Being Successful

Prejudice Prevents You From Being SuccessfulDriving down the highway, last week, and I saw 2 cars ahead of me.
A silver Mercedes and a white Kia.

If you had the choice, which would you choose?

With no other information but the manufacturer and the colour.

We make snap judgements all the time, often without asking for any other information. Do we need more information to make an informed decision?

I bet you choose the Merc.

The Merc was a hatchback, and to be honest, it looked like many other hatchbacks. Not overly impressive and certainly not what you were imagining.

The Kia was a “Stinger”, an impressive looking sports car.

Prejudice Prevents You From Being Successful

What are you prejudging?
Give yourself and others a break.
Get the facts before you judge.

Need Help Sorting Facts From Fiction?

Fact or fake conceptLimiting beliefs and prejudgements doesn’t need to hamper your success.

Judging even before you know the whole story can have a negative impact on your life. Remember that what you tell yourself is what you believe. It can affect how you see the world and how you feel.

Start opening your mind, let’s have a chat and you will discover that those beliefs of yours is preventing you from being successful.