Cathy Smith


Speaking Topics

How to Stand Out on the Coaching Map

Crafting an Identity Beyond a Coaching Certificate

Marketing Magic to Find Clients Who Love You

Mastering the Art of Client Conversion

A Roadmap to Creating a Thriving Coaching Business

Cathy Smith is an inspiring speaker, acclaimed author, and marketing expert with over 35 years in the industry. As the author of the Coaches Marketing Roadmap, she’s a leading authority in coaching and marketing, dedicated to helping coaches build successful businesses. Her approach blends traditional marketing with digital-age strategies, proven in her work with hundreds of businesses to enhance their brand and audience reach.

The Coaches Marketing Roadmap distils Cathy’s vast experience into practical strategies for coaches at all levels, lauded for its real-world applicability and empathetic guidance. Known for her engaging, clear, and relatable style, Cathy’s workshops and keynotes are interactive and empowering, enabling attendees to immediately apply their learnings. Her contributions have made her a sought-after consultant and speaker in coaching and marketing communities.