Life coaching is a very personal thing. You need to have trust and faith in your coach. Not all coaches are created equal and not all coaches are for you. Is Cathy Smith Coaching for you? Book a chat and let’s find out.

Here are some of the things that Cathy’s clients have said about Cathy’s coaching.

"Cathy is an amazing person, she’s very knowledgeable in her craft and speaking with her will be so worthwhile 😊"
Norino James
"As a new coach, Cathy Smith Coaching has been 'the font of all knowledge' for me getting started with my own business. Her book has been my bible and I've learned so much from her podcast! Cathy has also been very generous with her time and knowledge too! If you're a new coaching business owner, then Cathy Smith is your go-to person! Thanks so much Cathy :)"
EmPowering Humans
"Cathy is a remarkable coach! Her marketing knowledge, systems and approach helps you achieve real results for your business. If you’re looking to grow your business and/or expand your client base she is absolutely the coach to work with - I can’t recommend her highly enough!"
Laurene McKenzie
"I have worked closely with Cathy over the last 12 months, and she has been a huge support for me. She is knowledgeable and cares about the outcome for friends and clients alike. Wishing her every success with the launch of her book and coaching program."
Teena Ryan
"Cathy is a great coach and highly recommended. she has helped me transition through a tough time in my life"
Alex Ironside
"Cathy is a professional! Her coaching skills have helped me so much. I have been involved with Cathy for the last 10 months and I have learnt so much from her. I have put lots of these learnings into practice for my own business. "
"Cathy's a great coach and excellent business women. Highly recommend her services!"
"Coaching from Cathy helped me make a big life decision with regards to my career and commit. She also helped me develop better habits to address my procrastination where work was concerned, which was linked to my lack of clarity as to what I wanted to do. Cathy encouraged me greatly in my personal development."
"Cathy is very skilled at coaching. She asks probing questions in response to the answers she receives. She listens very well and is committed to partnering you."
"Cathy's coaching style enabled me to consider and explore what I brought to coaching in an open, listening, non judgmental space and in doing so enabled me to have greater clarity on my thinking habits, some of which were holding me back. I achieved greater clarity on some things that were getting in the way of me moving forward."
"Cathy is light and positive in her approach, and keen to recognise and encourage progress. Cathy's approach helps grow awareness of impediments and create clear actions. She always provides space and lots of time to reflect on the questions in hand, which helps clarify thoughts. I left the sessions satisfied with positive outcomes."
"Coaching showed me how to own my own dreams, goals and ideas and keep them on check. Cathy's patience and smiles really kept me in check when I was going off course."
"Cathy taught me how to think again. To trust my own instincts and to dare to plan a future that I wanted."
"She's an effective coach who managed to help me nail down some to dos after every single session and make progress in every session."
"Cathy is a professional coach. She gave me 100% private space to talk. I talked a lot more than the questions she asked. I feel safe. She was able to probe me to know the details about one situation. I know myself slightly better after talking with her. I cried on one session because I said something that has buried deep inside. Thanks for listening. You are great!!"
"Cathy is a great coach and I discovered a lot over the course our sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend her!"
"I learned that I have limiting beliefs that are disguised as logical assumptions, and that having those assumptions challenged with powerful questions exposes new truths in a very meaningful way. I found a sense of peace in having those limiting beliefs crumble."
"Cathy's coaching style is warm, present and non-judgemental. Cathy asked great questions and gave me space to think and go deeper than I generally expected to. This brought a lot to light for me and was very helpful."
"Cathy is incredible at what she does. I cannot recommend her enough."
Jemimah Ashleigh
"Cathy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on coaching, marketing and business to every meeting. Approachable and patient, Cathy adds value to our business every time we communicate."
"Cathy is a brilliant coach. Great to connect and your training is so helpful and helped me get infront of my ideal clients."
Paul Bryan
"Cathy is a great coach with a lot of life experience who is non-judgmental, gives helpful and practical advice. She is a brilliant leader who knows how to help the people following her to grow."
Clarence Ling
"Cathy has been such a benefit to me aligning my profile on all social media platforms. Great to work with building a social media presence. It has been a pleasure working with you"
Tracey Walker
"Cathy is awesome, there's not really much else to be said. She's helped me find my purpose and allowed me to be more focused on getting results from my business. Highly recommended!"
David Ucyurek
"Cathy Smith is an articulate and sophisticated communicator with a natural flare for public speaking and of course, leadership. She genuinely cares about helping her clients produce their best possible results, and she always has a positive attitude with a warm ear to ear smile! Thank you Cathy for all that you do :)"
Carlos Garcia
"The Coaches Marketing Roadmap was right place, right time for me. I had been struggling for a while to find a presence as a coach but definitely found it in the Coaches Marketing Roadmap. The unique combination of the weekly group discussions that Cathy was able to coach and personalise to our own particular situations, followed by the mentoring of then “How” to market this to our own particular targeted audience has been brilliant. Through the Coaches Marketing Roadmap I was able to find the clarity, confidence and direction I was looking for in regards to what my coaching stood for and how I could represent and now market that and myself as a coaching business the way I have always wanted and I thoroughly recommend Cathy and her program to anyone looking to do the same."
Graeme Willox
"Cathy is knowledgeable and is very capable of providing coaching to enhance the interaction. I received good insight through the questions Cathy asked."
"Cathy is an empathetic coach who helps me understand more about myself and make progress with baby steps. It's out of my surprise that changes that I can see."
"I grew my understanding of how very broad open questions can help, even when perhaps expecting a more focused question to help navigate an unknown path."
"I became more aware of how I approach new challenges, and of ways to manage perceived impediments."
"Cathy has been not only pleasant to work with but a great mentor to me as well. She showed me that coaching is different to just mentoring and that it really can uncover new things about yourself."
"Cathy provided a neutral, safe environment with positivity and support. Cathy very effectively helped me make progress towards the goals I wished to achieve in each session. I left the sessions feeling satisfied and comfortable, understanding what was holding me back and clear approaches to put in place to move forward swiftly."
"Cathy held space well for me to think. I noticed my tendency towards negative thinking in terms of my evaluation of my contribution/value etc. Hearing myself talk out loud helped me recognize this habit and to encouraged me to change my thinking habits and perspective."
"Cathy is an empathetic coach who helps me understand more about myself and make progress with baby steps. It's out of my surprise that changes can be seen in 6 weeks."
"Cathy is a calm, warm and supportive coach. I particularly appreciated her willingness to go with the flow and adapt her approach according to how I responded. She helped me recognise where I was getting in my own way and find a clear path through my overthinking."
"Cathy is always being present, giving the client safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, and asking powerful questions are still the most powerful tools we have."

Need a life coaching? Life coaching is a very personal thing. Start by thinking about what you would like to achieve from life coaching. Once you know what you would like to achieve together, we can work on how to achieve it.

Book a chat and see if Cathy Smith Coaching is a fit for you.