The 5 x 5 Rule

The 5 x 5 Rule

Picture of a woman showing finger upThe 5 x 5 Rule popped up in my feed today.

It says that you should not spend more than 5 minutes on any task that won’t matter in 5 years’ time.

I don’t agree with this.
Often you must lay foundations for things that are the forerunner for others, and many will not matter in 5 years’ time, but without them, the things that do matter won’t be able to be done.

Take a carport for example. You might really want a garage but not have the budget for it. Getting a carport now will keep your car out of the weather and serve its purpose for now. In 5 years’ time you might have that same carport and the garage as well, or only the new garage or be in a different house completely.

It is unlikely that the carport will matter in 5 years’ time, but it certainly will matter now and for a while beyond as well.

Are You Sweating The Small Things?

I do agree with the premise that we spend far too much time doing and worrying about things that don’t really matter. Sweating the small things is a waste of time and energy and will often not change the result.

Pausing and asking yourself if the task, opinion, or action really matters is a good thing.

STOP, think, then act.

Have an amazing day.

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