The Importance of Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Coaching Business

The Importance of Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Coaching Business

cute penguinGeorge was a penguin who dreamed of flying like the other birds. He tried to follow the methods of a sparrow’s flying school, but he failed miserably and was stuck on the ground while others took off. He tried and tried and tried. Day after day, he showed up and still failed, he saw much younger in experienced birds taking to the sky and flying.

George was determined to fly like everyone else and soon realised he needed a new approach.

He showed up to class with a contraption on his wings made of wood and fabric. Despite the sparrow and the chicks laughing at him, he launched himself anyway and finally began to fly at last!

Are You Seeing The Whole Picture?

The lesson from George’s story is that sometimes, you need to try a new approach to achieve your goals. As a new coach, you may have tried various marketing strategies but still struggle to attract clients.

Are you following someone else ideas without seeing what the strategy is that they are using to create the results? Some strategies rely on huge audiences that were created through early adoption. Others are using paid ads to create the traffic to “boost” their organic reach. If you only know part of the picture, it is often hard to replicate these results for your own business.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for You

social media marketing concept for marketing with applicationsIt’s important to understand that not all forms of marketing are right for your business or your audience. Just like George, you need to find a unique approach that works for you.

Marketing Message for New Coaches

Choosing the right social media platform is crucial to your coaching business’s success. You need to consider your target audience and where they spend their time online. Don’t just follow what’s popular or what everyone else is doing. Instead, take the time to research and understand your ideal client’s preferences and behaviour to determine which platforms will work best for you.

Once you’ve chosen the right platform, be strategic about your content and how you share it. Provide value to your audience by creating informative and engaging content that aligns with your coaching style and expertise.

Be Smart, Not Exhausted

Don’t be afraid to try new approaches as George did, but make sure they align with your overall marketing strategy.

Hand holding a smartphone with social media logosHere are 3 tips to consider to make your social media easier:

  1. Start small and be a master of one platform before trying to spread yourself too thin.
  2. Use your content in multiple ways to make it attractive to your ideal clients.
  3. Be consistent with your messaging.

As a new coach, you need to approach marketing with an open mind and a willingness to try new things. Finding the right social media platform, providing value through your content, and being strategic in your approach will attract new clients and achieve your coaching business’s goals.

If you would like to know how your business can grow from using the right social media platform, contact me today and let’s have a chat.