Women in Transition
To Choose
- What is Next!

Cathy Smith Coaching supports middle age women to decide what they want to do when they grow up!

Empowering Women in Transition, Supported Life Coaching. 

Feeling a little lost, torn or frustrated that you are not achieving a life of purpose?

You had a clear plan of what your life was going to look like. You have achieved so many things.
  • Goals
  • milestones
  • ambitions
all ticked off. But what now?

In those quiet moments when you are feeling miserable
and lost, do you ever wonder how you got here?

You have a loving spouse
great children,
a busy career / or business
but there is just something  . . .

You have just become a middle aged woman in transition (maybe an empty nester);
you might wonder how that happened. Do you even like being called middle aged?

It is your time and now you get to decide what is next!

Empty Nester

How can you get back to loving life
and being truly happy?

Time to make a change
- but how?

Life coaching is a partnership between a client and their coach, so it is critical you find the right coach for you.

Empty Nester Couple

Having a life coach
allows you to create your life's menu ,
on your own terms.

A coaching relationship provides you with a skilled professional who is committed to your success.

Being a middle aged woman in transition or an empty nester can give you new opportunities in this next phase of your life. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Empowering Women in Transition,
Supported Coaching Without Judgement

"Cathy is an empathetic coach who helps me understand more about myself
and make progress with baby steps.
It's out of my surprise that changes can be seen in 6 weeks."
"Cathy is a calm, warm and supportive coach.
I particularly appreciated her willingness to go with the flow
and adapt her approach according to how I responded.
She helped me recognise where I was getting in my own way
and find a clear path through my overthinking.."