What Are You Telling Your Customers?

What Are You Telling Your Customers?

beautiful beach on a lovely dayThis is my beach I love it. Every time I come, it delivers the same message. Even though it often looks different. Most times I come, it looks different.

The waves have been up, the wind has been or no waves or no wind. Sand has been added or removed. Very rarely does it look the same every time, even if it is only a day or two between my visits. Sometimes it has people on it, mainly it doesn’t, which is part of its charm. It always delivers freshness, and tranquillity and shows me that I am something quite small and a very big picture. That in itself gives me a new perspective as well.

Every time I come, it delivers that same message. Okay, maybe in the winter when the storms are whipping up and the sands blowing in my face I might not see it as tranquillity but that is my perception of it, not the beaches.

So what are you telling your customers, are you giving them the same message each time?

Or are you chopping and changing jumping on this fad, that shiny object?
Doing what this person said you should be doing. Are you not attracting clients because you are mismatched and people have no idea what you’re doing or offering?

What is the 3 main things that you solve, the pain point of your customers and how are you telling them that?
Is it that they’re not attracting customers,
Is it that their messages are mixed,
Is it that they don’t know what they do and don’t have a plan.
They are my 3.

So what are you telling your customers?
Get clear of your messaging and don’t confuse your audience with what you offer.
Want help to get a clear direction? Let’s have a chat and let’s discuss your marketing strategy that can lead you to the right direction.