Win Your Day

Win Your Day

Happy mature middle aged elderly woman reading good news looking at laptopSometimes the difference between a good day and a great day is the little things.

I find when I’ve completed tasks (no matter the size), I feel a lot better about the day ahead. It could be something as simple as making your bed when you wake up or writing in a journal each morning.

Starting the day with a simple task that you are sure to complete, is a great way to win your day.


I recently signed myself up to start a 30 day challenge.

The tasks were to pick 5 things to do each day.

  • Something to advance your business
  • Exercising or doing something physical
  • Something repetitive
  • Something to get your brain thinking
  • Drinking a set amount of water each day.

Everyone in the group was able to pick their own tasks. They had to agree to fully commit to them. The catch was, if you didn’t complete each tasks each day, you had to start again! Yep, back to day 1.

I found myself having to restart the challenge 3 times. I even managed to have it happen at day 15!

The Facebook group started to slow down, with many of the members not actually restarting when they didn’t complete a task. I saw only 1 other person was posting, so I was a tad self-conscious about having to post mine each day, but I knew if I stopped posting I would have to start again.

So each day I continued posting. The other lady that was posting bumped her tasks to 60 days after already hitting her goal of 30!

We ended up chatting for a bit. It turns out that my posts each day were the key to keeping her motivated! She reached her 60 days and I reached my 30.

You never know who you are inspiring.

The Little Things

female hands arranging the bedAn amazing motivational speech to listen to is by Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven. Because the little things make the biggest difference, this speech went viral. Some great key points to take away from this speech are:

  • Start each day with a simple task completed
  • Do the little things now, so you can do the big things later
  • Changing the world starts with making your bed
  • Keep moving forward, no matter the setbacks
  • Don’t be afraid of failure
  • Sometimes risks are worth taking
  • Show respect to everyone

Have a listen here on YouTube.

Start Winning

If you are thinking your content doesn’t matter just because it’s not getting a lot of interaction, likes and comments, think again! Someone could be watching from the background and even if they aren’t interacting, they are seeing it!

Think of the impact we could have on each other if each person changed the lives of 10 people, and that continued on and on!

Make a change.

Be a kind and helpful person.

Find your 10 people and start changing the world.

Prefer to listen?

Check out the podcast version, Small Business Talk episode 127