Women in Transition – How Do I Make a Career at 50?

Women in Transition – How Do I Make a Career at 50?

photo of an older womanAre you looking for your next challenge?

Wanting to get back into the workforce after being a fulltime Mum?

Craving new experiences to meet new people and learn new skills?

The turning of the page to a new decade, can be a time for reflection, re-evaluation and resurgence. Many women in transition fear it’s too late to make a career at 50. Well, that’s not the case!!

  • Squash your fears
  • Know your worth
  • Share your story
  • Positivity always wins
  • Find your tribe

Squash your fears

You have had every reason run through your mind as to why starting a new career at 50 is not possible. I am too old! I am not up with current trends! My tech knowledge is limited! Squash those fears and each time you find yourself thinking why you CAN’T, stop and affirm to yourself all the reasons you CAN!

Many women make the transition at all different ages.

Dr Lis Kirkby got her degree at the young age of 93.

What would you like to do? The choice really is yours.

Know your worth

Genuinely believe your worth and remind yourself of your worth daily. Have reminders of just how valuable you are. Tell yourself in the mirror each morning, have positive affirmations where you can see them or listen to podcasts and music that feed your soul.

Imposter syndrome can really undermine your self worth.
Read the imposter syndrome article to find out more.

Share your story

Share your career story and achievements with others. People often fear doing this to avoid coming across as a ‘show off’ when, it can have the opposite effect. Sharing your achievements can inspire others to make positive changes in their career or to start something new.

Positivity always wins

If you encounter people who question your change or new career, stay positive and avoid taking their negativity energy on board. People questioning our actions is part of life, it is how we respond that will determine how it affects us.

Often family or friends may question your choices, ask yourself are they just trying to protect you?

Find your tribe

two women talking together while using a laptopSurround yourself with a solid support network. Friends, family, colleagues, networking groups or a life coach can be our biggest cheer leaders. Having the right support is priceless to discuss your fears, setbacks and keep your mindset in check.

Sometimes you may need to look for a new network of like minded people.

Having a life coach is having a skilled professional who is committed to your success and gives you the confidence to change your life and make choices you never dreamt possible.

At Cathy Smith Coaching that is exactly what I do. I will fully support you along your journey for change and growth to give you the confidence and support to trust your own judgement, create change and transform your life.

Need help? Reach out and let’s see if coaching is a good fit for you.