Cathy Smith – Transition Coach

Hi, I am Cathy Smith.

Although I have been in the same business for over 20 years, I consider myself as a mother, a wife and then a business owner.

My business has always been very important to me and a large part of my life. However, my family is the most important thing to me, then, my team and clients.

I live in regional Western Australia. This means that most of our young people who want to go to university (Uni) must move away to Perth.

I had just become an empty nester.

Transition Coaching with Cathy Smith

This is what happened to me, my children left home to go to Uni.

The Sunday, a week before Uni started. We packed the car up and my husband took our son to Perth. They settled him into his accommodation. Then my husband continued to the airport to fly out to his workplace. FIFO had been our routine for many years and was nothing new.

After they left, I wandered around the house for a while. I couldn’t settle into doing anything that I should or needed to do.

I was sad.

“What if he never wanted to come home again for a visit?”

All packed up

“What if, what if?”

Hundreds of thoughts run through my head.

I was pretty sure he would never want to live here again, and he would no longer think of our house as home. To be perfectly honest that was ok.

I didn’t want him to return home to live but I did want him to visit, stay for the weekend and keep in touch.

Then 3 years later my daughter left too and now I truly was an empty nester. Time to become a transition coach and help other women go through empty nesting and other forms of transition, with grace and the confidence to take control over what they really want to do with their lives going forward.

How I became a coach.

Cathy Smith Coaching Australia

When I enrolled in a Certificate IV (Cert IV) in Business and Personal Coaching, I thought I would be getting a qualification for what I was already doing. For over 20 years working in my business, I have been working in digital marketing and helping hundreds of businesses to grow. I had spent many years “coaching” so thought I already had these skills.

OMG was I in for a shock.

The coaching I had been doing was actually consulting.

ICF (International Coaching Federation), the Gold Standard in Coaching defines coaching as:
“ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

"You taught me how to think!"

My first coaching client was also a long-term consulting client. After our 3rd session, he said, “You have taught me how to think and trust my instincts”. I was blown away at the difference that coaching had made to him as he had had a coach before starting our coaching sessions.

Helping people to think differently about a situation and assisting them to find their own answers. That is one of the most powerful gifts you can receive and often life changing.

My clients are not unicorns. They were probably just like you, a little lost, frustrated and not sure which way to turn. With guidance and the willingness to be open to the possibilities, you can achieve your very own results too.

Transition coaching is a partnership between you (the client) and your coach,
so it is critical you find the right coach for you.

A great coaching relationship can help you to get unstuck and achieve the successes in your life that you haven’t even dared to dream of.

International Coach Federation ICF